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Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 05:40
Auditory Piano The Real Deal (2013)

Auditory Piano The Real Deal (2013) | 442MB

Piano: The Real Deal from Auditory features six piano Construction Kits for Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Cinematic and Ballad productions. This pack includes piano and many other instruments in MIDI and audio drums kits. These high quality instruments will add some class to your productions. All loops in this pack are 100% Royalty-Free and cleared for personal or commercial use. Every sound heard in the Demo is included in the Construction Kits themselves.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 05:22
Bluezone Corporation Exoplanet Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects (2013)

Bluezone Corporation Exoplanet Alien Soundscapes and Sound Effects (2013) | 648MB

Bluezone Corporation is proud to present Exoplanet - Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects, a brand-new cutting edge cinematic/ambient sound library for immediate download. This downloadable sample pack offers a huge choice of extraordinary nature sounds, forest ambiences, textured animal gurgle and growl sound effects and includes reworked hardware synthesizer pad sounds. Available in WAV format.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 05:16
Sounds To Sample Presents Dots Martini Lounge Electric Chillwave (2013)

Sounds To Sample Presents Dots Martini Lounge Electric Chillwave (2013) | 411MB

Filled with the rich soundscapes, hazy progressions, and laid-back vibes you'd hear in rooms thick with incense and a clock eternally stuck at 4AM, Sounds to Sample Presents is proud to debut their first female sound designer on the esteemed artist only imprint with Dots Martini Lounge - Electric Chillwave.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:54
EarMaster Pro 6

EarMaster Pro 6 Build 632PW Multilingual (2013) | 123 MB

EarMaster Pro 6 is the ultimate training tool for all musicians. It will take your musical skills to the next level and help you become a better musician. EarMaster Pro 6 has been designed to match the needs of both beginners and very advanced musicians. The current version is the outcome of years of collaboration with leading music schools, conservatories and universities such as Berklee College of Music from Boston, among many others. Therefore, no matter how experienced you are, you will always find lessons, drills and tests that will challenge your sight-singing, aural and rhythmic skills.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:47
ESI PipelineStudio 3.5 (2013)

ESI PipelineStudio 3.5 (2013) | 216 MB

PipelineStudio is the industry-leading pipeline management design software and engineering solution that combines graphical configuration and reporting tools with industry-proven simulation engines. It provides fast, accurate, robust and reliable answers to a wide range of steady-state and transient analysis challenges.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:40
Mister Retro Machine Wash v2.1 vol. I-III Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (2013)

Mister Retro Machine Wash v2.1 vol. I-III Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (2013)
English | Mister Retro Machine Wash v2.1 vol. I-III Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop | 979 MB

Machine Wash Filters create professional effects, texturing, using masking layers, and leaving intact the original itself. At any time (of course, until you realized rendering), if you do not like the effect, you can revert to the original image by dragging a Layer Mask to the basket. (description stole igorspb)
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:38
Album Design v4.0 Plugin for Photoshop (2013)

Album Design v4.0 Plugin for Photoshop (2013)
English | Album Design 4.0 Plugin for Photoshop | 2.56 GB

Album Design 4.0 - is a program for making wedding photo albums. Plugin for Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 System requirements : 3 GB Space Crack : Present Description : A plugin for creating graphical Album Includes 3 albums with the templates: - Backgrounds - cliparts - Masks - Templates
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:15
Ableton Live v8.2.1 (2013)

Ableton Live v8.2.1 (2013)
English | Ableton Live v8.2.1 | 243 MB

Ableton Live - software for musicians and DJs, which allows you to create music, perform live, to make installation of video and audio. Live's unusual, intuitive, with strong real-time editing and flexible executive options, makes the program unique studio tool and a favorite in live use. In Ableton Live 8 new approach to the process of creating electronic music. Added new technology and effects. Due to the improved operating environment software is much easier to learn.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 04:13
Bosch ESI[tronic] (2013)

Bosch ESI[tronic] (02/2013) | 12.5 GB

Technical information is becoming a decisive factor in ensuring workshop survival, and with our ESI[tronic] software, you get the entire know-how of Bosch available to you in your workshop.
Author: xidau123 on 6-06-2013, 01:51
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical v2014 AIO (x86/x64)

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 AIO (x64/x86) | 7.16 GB

AutoCAD Mechanical - this is AutoCAD for mechanical design. AutoCAD Mechanical is part of Digital Prototyping Autodesk. The product combines the functionality of AutoCAD - the world's leading 2D CAD software - with the advantages of large libraries of standardized components and automation tools that accelerate the execution of design tasks. AutoCAD Mechanical provides significant time savings when drafting papers, so you can focus more on innovation.
Author: xidau123 on 5-06-2013, 03:26
EurotaxRepairEstimate 1.73.3 (04/2013) Multilanguage

EurotaxRepairEstimate 1.73.3 (04/2013) Multilanguage | 2.96 GB

Eurotax RepairEstimate (ERE) - graphically oriented tool that allows insurance companies, experts, technicians and vehicle maintenance stations to ensure and expedite the work on the calculation of the cost of repair the damaged vehicle.
Author: xidau123 on 5-06-2013, 03:18
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2014 AIO (x64/x86)

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2014 AIO (x64/x86) | 2.72 GB

AutoCAD LT 2014 is designed to develop and detail 2D-drawings. The program automates most of the stages of the project. A complete set of 2D instructions, you can create drawings, modify them and produce working documentation for projects. The program provides native support for DWG format and reliability, but also contains powerful tools to increase productivity drawing.
Author: xidau123 on 2-06-2013, 17:31
SIGERSHADERS Mental Ray Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max (2013)

SIGERSHADERS Mental Ray Material Presets Pro for 3ds Max (2013) | 2.24 GB

Powerful material collection for use with the Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Mental Ray®rendering engine. It will includes shaders like: Metal, Ceramic, Leather, Stone, Mosaic, Concrete, Carpaint, Liquid, Wall, Glass, Parquet, Wood, Gemstone, Cloth, Plastic.
Author: xidau123 on 2-06-2013, 15:58
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended v13.0

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended v13.0 Repacked With Plugins/Textures (05/2013) | 3.95 Gb

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended software delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with greater precision, and intuitively create 3D graphics, 2D designs, and movies using new and reimagined tools and workflows.
Author: xidau123 on 2-06-2013, 07:17
Mercedes Navigation-CD NTG2 Audio 50 APS Europa v.15 (2013-2014)

Mercedes Navigation-CD NTG2 Audio 50 APS Europa v.15 (2013/2014)
Part No A1698278959 | Database for this CDs : TomTom Q2/2012 | 4.78 GB

Seven CDs brimming with navigation data for 29 European countries, with roads and paths, Towns, villages and many POIs. Western Europe is covered with the version 2013/2014. More than 7.5 million kilometers of navigable roads familiar with the navigation across Europe in version 2013/2014. In Eastern Europe, along with Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece from Croatia this version now also fully covered.