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Author: hulk on 18-03-2013, 15:28
Parents USA - April 2013

Parents USA - April 2013

English | 180 pages | HQ PDF | 120.00 Mb

Parents magazine is a staple: the literary Hamburger Helper of regular reading in parenting. With sure-fire techniques and tips, this monthly publication is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to enhance your parenting skills and have a blast doing it! Each issue of Parents is filled with snack and activity suggestions, fun craft ideas and delicious, easy-to-make recipes that you can make with your kids. You’ll find trustworthy information on everything from child psychology to the best children’s hospitals. Packed with in-depth articles, essential Q&A sections and contests to enter each month, Parents magazine gets you ready to be a great parent, raise fantastic kids and make the most out of your experience!

Author: hulk on 18-03-2013, 15:24
Superior Online - March 2013

Superior Online - March 2013

English | PDF | 174 pages | 69.00 MB

Superior is an international lifestyle magazine bringing together topics and trends from the worlds of fashion, beauty, art and design. The magazine’s broad coverage is distinguished by inspiring imagery and high-quality writing. Print, online and mobile editions of Superior form an innovative symbiosis maximising the advantages of each format.

Author: hulk on 25-02-2013, 05:06
Inc  Magazine - March 2013

Inc. Magazine - March 2013

English | 110 pages | HQ PDF | 75.00 Mb

Inc. Magazine is the only major business magazine edited exclusively to guide CEOs and owners of small-to-midsize companies to success. Inc. provides fresh, insightful analyses to give the major players in the business world the tools they need to excel. Each issue uses real life examples of strategies, case studies, and successes and failures edited specifically to illuminate new ways in which its readers can benefit. Big and small organizations alike turn to Inc. to make sense of ever-changing business world.

Author: hulk on 25-02-2013, 04:10
Maxim Australia - March 2013

Maxim Australia - March 2013

English | 132 pages | HQ PDF | 99.00 Mb

MAXIM AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE: is the largest men’s magazine brand in the world. First launched as a men’s magazine in the United Kingdom in 1995, MAXIM now boasts brand extensions in print, online, mobile, broadcast, events, and more.

Author: hulk on 25-02-2013, 04:05
Harper’s Bazaar UK - March 2013

Harper’s Bazaar UK - March 2013

English | 406 pages | HQ PDF | 244.00 Mb

Harper’s Bazaar has a unique appeal to both the affluent and informed magazine reader. Harpers Bazaar is the essential luxury monthly magazine; identifying the must have, must know, must go for the reader, previously Harpers & Queen, it stands out from the other women’s glossies with some sheer intelligence and style.