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Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 22:02

Permute 3.0.3 Multilingual macOS
Permute 3.0.3 | 51 mb
Video, audio and image files come in many different kinds and shapes, but sometimes you need a specific format since your iPad or DVD player won't play that video. That is what Permute is for - easily convert your media files to various different formats.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 22:01

OmniGraffle Pro 7.9.4 Multilingual macOS
OmniGraffle Pro 7.9.4 Multilingual macOS | 99 MB
OmniGraffle 7 is a completely redesigned version of the application, offering integrated Inspector and Stencil windows, a brand new Resource Browser to manage stencils and templates, new artistic Fill and Stroke styles, improved Shared layers, powerful Shape Combinations, better Image Masking and Cropping, and a bevy of other new features.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:59

MP3 Gain 4.0.0 (4.0.1) macOS
MP3 Gain 4.0.0 (4.0.1) | macOS | 14 mb
MP3 Gain for mac is a simple tool designed specifically to adjust and normalize the volume of audio(mp3, wma, etc) files. It automatically normalize the volume of audio files and adjust the loudness of audio tracks without lossy. It performs statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:58

Mirror for Panasonic TV 3.3 macOS
Mirror for Panasonic TV 3.3 | macOS | 15 mb
Mirror for Panasonic TV allows you to mirror the screen of your Mac to any Panasonic Smart TV. No wires and no additional hardware needed! You can also stream individual video files from your Mac to your TV. Also, we included the option to watch one window on your Mac, and another window on your TV!

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:57

iTrash 4.1.4 macOS
iTrash 4.1.4 Multilingual macOS | 16.6 MB
Applications distribute several files throughout your system storage devices. Deleting an application itself is mostly not enough and will leave files untouched. iTrash uses a special search algorithm to find all related files and deletes them when asked.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:56

Glyph Designer 2.1 macOS
Glyph Designer 2.1 | macOS | 8 mb
Glyph Designer is a powerful bitmap font designer. Create beautiful designs using highly configurable effects, definable backgrounds, custom images, editable glyph metrics and more. Make the most of your screen with smart zooming and full screen support.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:55

Focused 3.2 macOS
Focused 3.2 | macOS | 35 mb
Focused (was Typed) is the stunning new writing app for the Mac, and the first that improves your focus so you can create great content. Focused makes writing for the web incredibly easy, and its Zen Mode features relaxing soundtracks that help you concentrate.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:54

FSNotes 2.5.2 macOS
FSNotes 2.5.2 | macOS | 10 mb
FSNotes is a plain-text note manager for macOS, and is modern reinvention of notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids. Our application respects the following open formats: plain/text, Markdown, and RTF, and stores data in the file system. You can view, edit, and copy data in your favourite external editor, and see live results in FSNotes.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:53

ACDSee Photo Studio 5.0 macOS
ACDSee Photo Studio 5.0 | macOS | 41 mb
Known for best-in-class digital asset management and RAW processing power, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 5 gives you instant, import-free access to your photos. Flexible organizational tools to satisfy any workflow, lightning fast non-destructive adjustments, drag and drop searching, sleek customizable batch presets, and RAW support ...

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:52

EdgeView 2.510 macOS
EdgeView 2.510 | macOS | 15 mb
EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer; you can open various image files, and can open archive files such as ZIP and RAR in its built-in file browser without extraction; you can also connect to FTP and open files directly; EdgeView is an excellent choice when viewing and managing image or cartoon files such as archives.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:51

DEVONthink Pro Office 2.11 Multilingual macOS
DEVONthink Pro Office 2.11 Multilingual macOS | 46.5 MB
Document management reinvented. DEVONthink Pro Office is your Mac paperless office. It stores all your documents, helps you keep them organized, and presents you with what you need to get the job done.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:50

Data Recovery Essential Pro 3.6 Multilingual macOS
Data Recovery Essential Pro 3.6 | Multilingual | macOS | 18 mb
Data Recovery Essential is a fresh, constantly updated, data recovery and undelete app. Data Recovery Essential will restore all existing file formats: images and photos, music, documents, videos, ZIP and other compressed files, etc.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:20

Abelssoft Doku Downloader 2019 v1.1 Multilingual macOS
Abelssoft Doku Downloader 2019 v1.1 Multilingual macOS | 99.8 Mb
Get with the documentary Downloader access to thousands of exciting documentaries from popular media centers such as ARD, ZDF and more. Even YouTube is on board!

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 21:05

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac 8.2.10
AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac 8.2.10 | macOS | 52 mb
Do you want to save a DVD movie to PC local drive? DVD disc could be easily damaged and is not very convenient to play DVD disc anytime and anywhere. So you are recommended to rip DVD to video for playback on any digital device like iPhone/iPad/iPod, Samsung, LG, HTC and more.

Author: Dictator on 17-12-2018, 20:59

Tipard Blu-ray Converter for Mac 9.2.12
Tipard Blu-ray Converter for Mac 9.2.12 | macOS | 56 mb
Tipard Mac Blu-ray ripper is a 3-in-1 media video converting application, which can be a Mac Blu-ray Converter, also can be a Mac DVD Ripper and a Mac Video converter. Then, you can easily convert home-made Blu-ray movie to your preferred video or audio formats to enjoy on your mobile phone or video player.