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Author: King on 16-05-2018, 10:13

Wondershare PDFelement Pro Multilingual macOS
File size: 544.95 MB

Meet All-New PDFelement 6 - The most Powerful and Simple PDF solution that changes the way you work with your important documents Forever. PDFelement 6 delivers a better way to transform your office documents.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:38
Rob Papen BLUE II v1.0.3 (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen BLUE II v1.0.3 (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VSTi/AU | TEAM HEXWARS | 15.05.2018
First released in 2005 BLUE already reflected Rob Papen's cutting-edge, creative, and - most importantly - musical approach towards developing virtual instruments by first delivering FM and subtractive synthesis, then duly adding Phase Distortion and wave shaping synthesis into the highly creative mix to create one seriously creative combination. Rob Papen himself called it 'Cross-fusion synthesis' since it covered so much musical ground so effectively.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:19
Rob Papen RP-VERB 2 v1.0.0b (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RP-VERB 2 v1.0.0b (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VST/AU | RP-VERB2 1.0.0b + RP-Delay 1.0.2a | 15.05.2018
After the original RP-VERB came out, it quickly became loved by many (famous) producers worldwide. Its dense and warm sound made it legendary and a go to reverb for many.
As usual the Rob Papen brand always seeks new directions and for many it won't be a surprise to find some new creative tools inside RP-VERB 2!

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:14
Rob Papen RP-EQ v1.0.0d (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RP-EQ v1.0.0d (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VST/AU | TEAM HEXWARS | 15.05.2018
In the virtual music world there are a countless number of different EQ's why another one?
Well, Rob Papen is all about sound and he was convinced he could add something special to the EQ plugins.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:11
Rob Papen RP-Distort v1.0.1g (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RP-Distort v1.0.1g (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VST/AU | TEAM HEXWARS | 15.05.2018
RP-Distort is not just a distortion unit, but much more. The distortion unit inside RP-Distort can be combined with an analog modelled filter, compressor and widener unit.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:08
Rob Papen RP-AMod v1.0.1f (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RP-AMod v1.0.1f (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VST/AU | TEAM HEXWARS | 15.05.2018
As you will probably know, a modulator is a term that is used in synthesizers. They are
various types of settings that can change and alter a sound. With RP-AMOD you can use
it's modulators to alter your audio in different ways.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:05
Rob Papen RG v1.6.2e (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RG v1.6.2e (Mac OSX)
MacOSX VSTi/AU | HEXWARS | 15.05.2018
RG is a unique groove plug-in that is far more than just a virtual Rhythm Guitar player! By using the RG onboard sequencer it is possible to create classic Rhythm Guitar grooves, but beyond that you can use the synthesizer features and effects to make fresh new edgy guitar grooves. To play the grooves RG is using a keyboard layout of "major chords" and "minor chords", each with two sequence patterns (A or B) option.

Author: Dictator on 16-05-2018, 09:02
Rob Papen Blade v1.0.3d (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen Blade v1.0.3d (Mac OSX)
15.05.2018 | AU/VSTi | TEAM HEXWARS 2018
The initial idea for Blade was born out of the want to have more 'human input' into the sound. The classic synthesizer parts for modulation are LFOs and Envelopes. The 'human input' is the keyboard we play and controllers like pitch bend or modulation wheel. A XY pad is perfect for the human input, but it controls only the filter and volume... We found this to be too limited. We wanted also to control the 'harmonics' of the oscillator...changing the waveform using the XY pad.

Author: King on 16-05-2018, 08:33

MacCleanse 7.0 macOS
OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit | File size: 49 MB

MacCleanse is the product of thousands of hours of intense research and development. It meticulously scans all of the nooks and crannies of a computer for unnecessary junk that can take up huge amounts of disk space! Because of this, Apps in MacCleanse are also uninstalled correctly, catching the numerous logs, caches, plugins, and other resources left behind versus simply dragging them to the Trash. Your privacy is protected and computer performance enhanced by MacCleanse as it wipes your web and app histories, and can toggle resource-hungry extensions!

Author: King on 16-05-2018, 08:30

Postbox 6.0.8 Multilangual macOS
File size: 58.31 MB

Postbox is a new email application that helps you organize your work life and get stuff done. It has all the elegance and simplicity of Apple Mail, but with more power and flexibility to manage even the most demanding workloads.

Author: King on 16-05-2018, 08:26

Sketch 50.2
File Size: 34.9 MB

Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

Author: King on 16-05-2018, 08:24

Wondershare Recoverit (Wondershare Data Recovery)
File Size: 9.67 MB

Wondershare Recoverit (Wondershare Data Recovery) is a comprehensive data recovery suite to recover Mac data lost due to accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, and other unknown reasons.

Author: King on 16-05-2018, 08:21

MacPilot 10.0 (10.10)
File Size: 35.5 MB

MacPilot gives you the power of UNIX and the simplicity of Macintosh, which means a phenomenal amount of untapped power in your hands! Use MacPilot to unlock over 1,200 features, and access them all with the easy and familiar Macintosh user interface. No command line tools or complicated file operations!

Author: Dictator on 15-05-2018, 19:07

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac 16.13 VL Multilingual
File Size: 1.67 GB | Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac 16.13 VL Multilingual
Office 2016 for Mac is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest Mac features, including Retina display, full screen view support, and even scroll bounce. It's the perfect combination of the Office you know and trust, and the Mac you love.

Author: Dictator on 15-05-2018, 16:37
Rob Papen RAW v1.0.4 (Mac OSX)
Rob Papen RAW v1.0.4 (Mac OSX) | 1.06 Gb
At the Dutch Dancefair 2014, DJ Promo (aka producer Sebastian Hoff) and DJ Free-K (aka producer Freek Vergoossen) approached Rob Papen with the idea of a synthesiser that focused more on 'distorted' sounds with an easy to use layout.