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Author: xidau123 on 26-06-2015, 13:22
Autodesk Alias Design 2016 SP1 (Mac OSX)

Autodesk Alias Design 2016 SP1 (Mac OSX) | 2.76 GB

Industrial design and Class-A surfacing software - AliasĀ® industrial design software provides sketching, modeling, surfacing, and visualization tools for industrial, product, and automotive design. Create compelling surface designs with Alias Digital Prototyping tools.
Author: xidau123 on 21-06-2015, 13:57
Google Nik Collection 1.2.10 (Mac OSX)

Google Nik Collection 1.2.10 (Mac OSX) | 603 MB

The Complete Collection includes all of Nik Software's latest award-winning plug-in software titles for Photoshop: Dfine 2.0, Viveza 2, Color Efex Pro 3.0, HDR Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, and Sharpener Pro 3.0. All products feature Nik Software's patented U Point technology, giving photographers the most powerful tools for precise and natural photographic enhancements and corrections without the need for complicated selections or layer masks.
Author: xidau123 on 20-06-2015, 17:58
Native Instruments Reaktor 5 v5.9.3 (Mac OSX)

Native Instruments Reaktor 5 v5.9.3 (Mac OSX)
Standalone/AU/VST | 18.06.2015 | 1.49 GB

Reaktor is a completely modular, real-time sound synthesis, sampling and effects software application / plug-in. It fuses all audio applications into a single, versatile and powerful tool. Musicians, producers and sound designers are all catered to by the very broad range of instruments and sounds already included. With an open engine architecture, the potential for building your own highly individual instruments is endless.
Author: xidau123 on 20-06-2015, 17:50
Microsoft Office 2011 v14.5.2 SP4 VL (Mac OSX)

Microsoft Office 2011 v14.5.2 SP4 VL (Mac OSX) | 1.1 GB

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is the most recent version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac OS X. It is the successor to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and is comparable to Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows.
Author: xidau123 on 19-06-2015, 13:29
DxO Optics Pro 10.4.1 (Mac OSX)

DxO Optics Pro 10.4.1 (Mac OSX) | 290 MB

Thanks to DxO OpticsPro's exclusive technologies, instantly correct all the optical defects of your equipment, remove digital noise even at high sensitivities, recover fine details and textures in dark or burnt areas, and bring out all the nuances of color in your images. With DxO OpticsPro's outstanding performance, bring out the best in your RAW and JPEG photos in just a few clicks, regardless of shooting conditions.
Author: xidau123 on 19-06-2015, 13:27
DxO FilmPack Elite 5.1.3 (Mac OSX)

DxO FilmPack Elite 5.1.3 (Mac OSX) | 237 MB

DxO FilmPack , a major new version of DxO Labs' popular analog film simulation and creative effects software, adds 65 even more aesthetically-pleasing renderings and stunning new effects to help photographers give their photos greater emotional impact as well as a unique style, whether in color or in black & white.
Author: xidau123 on 19-06-2015, 13:25
DxO ViewPoint 2.5.5 (Mac OSX)

DxO ViewPoint 2.5.5 (Mac OSX) | 117 MB

DxO ViewPoint is the first software solution entirely dedicated to correcting distorted elements on the edges of your photos, and to fixing problems with keystoning and tilted horizons. Thanks to the precision and simplicity of DxO ViewPoint's tools, you can quickly and easily restore the natural proportions of the subjects in your images by integrating the power of DxO Labs' exclusive geometric correction technology into your usual image processing workflow.
Author: xidau123 on 17-06-2015, 12:54
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 (Mac OSX)

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 (Mac OSX) | 669 MB

Adobe Media Encoder CC - Deliver brilliant video content for web, broadcast and cinema with Media Encoder CC. Tight integration with Premiere Pro CC provides a seamless workflow, including handy presets for a broad range of formats. Background encoding means you can keep working while your files are rendered.
Author: xidau123 on 17-06-2015, 12:52
Adobe Audition CC 2015 v8.0.0.192 (Mac OSX)

Adobe Audition CC 2015 v8.0.0.192 (Mac OSX) | 303 MB

Record, edit, and create audio content with Adobe Audition's comprehensive toolset, including waveform, spectral display, and multitrack. This powerful sound editing program is designed to accelerate audio and video production workflows and deliver the highest standards for audio quality.
Author: xidau123 on 17-06-2015, 12:43
VMware Fusion Professional 7.1.2 (Mac OSX)

VMware Fusion Professional 7.1.2 (Mac OSX) | 333 MB

VMWare Fusion... Seamlessly run your favorite Windows applications and devices, on Mac. Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion is the easiest way to switch to Mac, letting you bring all of your Windows applications with you, making the most of your Windows software investment, while providing the perfect safety blanket for the switch. Break Down the Walls Between Windows and Mac.
Author: xidau123 on 17-06-2015, 12:39
Adobe After Effects CC 2015 v13.5 (Mac OSX)

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 v13.5 (Mac OSX) | 1.3 GB

Adobe After Effects CC software is the industry-leading solution for creating sophisticated motion graphics and cinematic visual effects. Transform moving images for delivery to theaters, living rooms, personal computers, and mobile devices.A live 3D pipeline with Cinema 4D means you can import 3D objects and use them in 3D scenes in After Effects. No re-rendering. No waiting. Just more creating.
Author: xidau123 on 17-06-2015, 12:33
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6.1 (Mac OSX)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 6.1 (Mac OSX) | 917 MB

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC - Capture the full range of light. Create amazing images from challenging high-contrast scenes. New HDR Merge lets you combine multiple photos taken with different exposure settings into a single high dynamic range image.
Author: xidau123 on 16-06-2015, 15:48
Xamarin Studio v5.9.2 (Mac OSX)

Xamarin Studio v5.9.2 (Mac OSX) | 1.01 GB

Build better apps for iOS, Android and Mac with Xamarin Studio.We created Xamarin because we knew that there must be a better way to create mobile applications.
Author: xidau123 on 16-06-2015, 15:46
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 7698 (Mac OSX)

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 7698 (Mac OSX) | 323 MB

Develop more web content more quickly. A streamlined user interface connected tools and new visual CSS editing tools let you code efficiently and intuitively. And now Dreamweaver CC lets you share work directly from within the application and helps you keep up with web standards by giving you access to new features as soon as theyre available. Your entire creative world together in one place.
Author: xidau123 on 16-06-2015, 15:44
Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.0.0 (Mac OSX)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 19.0.0 (Mac OSX) | 1.8 GB

Adobe Illustrator CC software is the industry standard vector-drawing environment for designing across media. Express your creative vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography. Adobe Illustrator CC works with speed and stability on large, complex files, and move designs efficiently among Adobe's creative applications.