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Author: King on Today, 10:46

App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 5.0 macOS
App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro 5.0 macOS | File size: 20 MB

Preview Installed Applications and Remove Service Files to Complete Uninstall. App Cleaner - The best app to remove applications service files on Mac OS X and uninstalling applications.

Author: King on Today, 10:40

Gifox - GIF Recording & Sharing 1.6.1 macOS
Gifox - GIF Recording & Sharing 1.6.1 macOS | File size: 26 MB

Gifox is a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted app that records your screen into animated gifs - the great alternative between static images and full-size videos.

Author: King on Today, 10:32

Dropzone 3.6.8 macOS
Dropzone 3.6.8 macOS | File size: 27 MB

Dropzone is a productivity tool for the Mac that makes it faster and easier to move and copy files, launch applications, upload to many different services, and more.Dropzone 3 is a unique and amazing app that's like nothing you've ever used before.

Author: King on Today, 10:26

Translatium 8.3.3 macOS
Translatium 8.3.3 macOS | File size: 55 MB

Translate like a Pro with Translatium - the most powerful translation app for macOS.

Author: King on Today, 10:21

Shortcut Bar 1.8.11 macOS
Shortcut Bar 1.8.11 macOS | File size: 8 MB

Favorite files and folders at your fingertips.Shortcut Bar is an incredibly handy app that connects you to the files, folders, apps and web bookmarks that you need lightning fast access to.

Author: King on Today, 10:09

iCab 5.8.5 Multilingual macOS
iCab 5.8.5 Multilingual macOS | File size: 13 MB

iCab is an alternative Web browser. It supports HTML4, image filtering, cookie filtering, bookmarks, java and javascript support, search modes, importing of Web archives from Explorer, download manager, and numerous useful features not found in other browsers.

Author: King on Today, 10:03

Scherlokk 3.6.2 (36202) macOS
Scherlokk 3.6.2 (36202) macOS | File size: 6 MB

Scherlokk is a lightning fast file search utility build for precise and reliable search of every file which meets the search criteria. Music, pictures, bookmarks, documents, etc can be found quickly and easily. Search can be made on any kind of build in volume, portable volume (pendrives, memory cards, USB drives), network drive (AFP, SMB, FTP), etc.

Author: King on Today, 09:58

PhotoScape X Pro 2.8.2 Multilingual macOS
PhotoScape X Pro 2.8.2 Multilingual macOS | File size: 198 MB

All-in-One: Photo Editor, Batch Editor, Viewer, Collage, Animated GIF, Film Effect, Light Leak, Miniature Effect, Filter, Brush, Sticker, Pattern, Frame, Shape, Border, RAW images and More. PhotoScape X is a fun and easy photo editor that enables you to fix and enhance photos.

Author: King on Yesterday, 16:45

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.1.2 macOS
JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1.1.2 macOS | File Size: 153 MB

Rip Studio gives you control over every element created inside the app. Rip, tear, or cut edges by drawing around the image. Curl up the edges and wrinkle the surface by simply adjusting a slider. Behind the scene a powerful 3D light engine works to make surface wrinkles and creases look realistic; this adjustable light source will have shadows popping off the page. Finish your creative composition with a tape effect, or choose from a library of objects like stickpins, staples, rusty nails and gems. Every rip you make or tape you place is unique and one-of-a-kind!

Author: King on Yesterday, 16:39

WidsMob Denoise 2.6 macOS
WidsMob Denoise 2.6 macOS | File Size: 6.87 MB

Versatile Image Noise Reduction Software for Smartphones and Camcorders. Exceptional detail, outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look.

Author: King on Yesterday, 05:25

Allegorithmic Substance Painter 2018.1.2.2309 macOS
Languages: English | File Size: 1.46 GB

Substance Painter is a brand new 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly 3D Painter out there.

Author: King on Yesterday, 05:19

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 2018.1.2.1265 macOS
Languages: English | File Size: 388.6 MB

Substance Designer is a node-based texture compositing tool that allows you to create Substance files or bitmap textures. You can use it to texture assets and also bake model information (ex: normal, displacement, curvature etc.). It contains a wide library of tools, materials and procedural effects to help you achieve your goals in a fully non-destructive workflow.

Author: LeeAndro on 22-06-2018, 17:34
Mountain 1.6.5
Mountain 1.6.5 | macOS | 8 mb

Mountain allows you to manage volumes with ease. It allows you to mount, unmount, or eject volumes with only two clicks. Unmount a single volumes or eject all external volumes at once.
- Remount recent network shares with a single click or remount them automatically on boot up or wake from sleep.

Author: LeeAndro on 22-06-2018, 17:32
Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.1.0.480 macOS
Family Tree Maker 2017 v23.1.0.480 macOS | 899 Mb

Family Tree Maker makes it easier than ever to discover your family story, preserve your legacy and share your unique heritage. If you're new to family history, you'll appreciate how this intuitive program lets you easily grow your family tree with simple navigation, tree-building tools, and integrated Web searching.

Author: LeeAndro on 22-06-2018, 17:30
NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter 1.0.4
NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter 1.0.4 Multilingual | macOS | 8 mb

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is a well-designed audio converter for Spotify. It can remove DRM from Spotify music and make it possible to save Spotify music to local computer or play it on your music player.