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Food Saved Me My Journey of Finding Health and Hope Through the Power of Food [Audiobook]
English | ASIN: B09BBRHDC7 | 2021 | 10 hours and 12 minutes |MP3|M4B | 281 MB
When doctors told Danielle Walker that food didn't cause her autoimmune disease and couldn't help control it, she set out to prove them wrong. Diagnosed with an extreme form of ulcerative colitis at 22, Danielle was terrified she'd never be able to eat all the wonderful, great-tasting foods she loved growing up or host warm, welcoming gatherings with family and friends. So when the medicine she was prescribed became almost as debilitating as the disease itself, Danielle took matters into her own hands, turned her kitchen into a laboratory, and set to work creating gut-healthy versions of the foods she thought she'd never be able to enjoy again. Three New York Times best-selling cookbooks later, Danielle has become a beacon of hope for millions around the world suffering from autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and chronic ailments.

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The Masked Singer AU S03E05 1080p HDTV H264-CBFM

1.72 GB | 00:44:37 | mkv | 1920X1080 | 16:9
Genres:: Reality-TV
Global megastar Lindsay Lohan, music hit maker Dannii Minogue, pop culture guru Jackie O and Aussie funny man Dave Hughes have all ripped up their busy diaries in order to play the country's biggest game of guess who, The Masked Sing
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Empath Healing Avoid Narcissistic Abuse, Start to Be More Sensitive and Become Unfukable Improving Your Empathic [Audiobook]
English | ASIN: B08CLZY7LB | 2020 | 4 hours and 11 minutes |MP3|M4B | 116 MB
Empath Healing: Avoid Narcissistic Abuse, Start to Be More Sensitive and Become Unfu*kable by Improving Your Empathic Psychic Skills Such as Clairvoyance, Intuition, Aura Reading and Telepathy

Dear Ijeawele, Or A Feminist Manifesto In Fifteen Suggestions [AudioBook]
English | 2017 | ISBN: 9780008241025 |1 hours |MP3|M4B |28 MB
From the best-selling author of Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists comes a powerful new statement about feminism today - written as a letter to a friend.

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Reasonable Doubt S04E10 A 25000 Dollar Performance 1080p WEBRip x264-KOMPOST

1.39 GB | 00:43:03 | mkv | 1920X1080 | 16:9
Genres:: Reality-TV
Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva help desperate families, convinced a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of murder. Each week Chris and Fatima investigate a new case. And each
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DAY TRADING OPTIONS For Beginners Strategies to INVEST and WIN [Audiobook]
English | 2021 | ISBN: 9781664958067 | 4 Hours |MP3|M4B | 110 MB
What is the easiest day trading strategy?

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amazing gRace S01E02 720p Web h264-CBFM

673.45 MB | 00:43:38 | mkv | 1280X720 | 16:9
Genres:: Drama
The series centres on midwife Grace and her passionate colleagues at an unconventional birth centre attached to a major city hospital. A fierce advocate for her pregnant mothers-to- be, Grace's dubious work/life balance is about to g
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Courting the Wild Twin [AudioBook]
English | 2020 | ISBN:9781603589529 |3 hours |MP3|M4B |99 MB
There is an old legend that says we each have a wild, curious twin that was thrown out the window the night we were born, taking much of our vitality with them. If there was something we were meant to do with our few, brief years on Earth, we can be sure that the wild twin is holding the key.

Copper, Iron, and Clay A Smith's Journey [AudioBook]
English | 2020 | ISBN: 9780062943750 | 5 hours |MP3|M4B | 149 MB
A gorgeous love letter to our most revered cookware-copper pots, cast-iron skillets, and classic stoneware-and the artistry and workmanship behind them, written by an expert craftsperson, perhaps the only woman coppersmith in America.

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VA - DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol 162 (2021)
Total tracks: 17 | Size: 187.1 MB | Formats: mp3