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Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:23
Apex Sketch

Apex Sketch | 17.7 Mb

ApexSketch v7 offers new improvements to the Modern drawing paradigm we introduced in ApexSketch v6 a few years ago that allows you to draw floor plans faster and easier than ever before. And Even though the learning curve is small, we haven't forgotten about the 10s of thousands of users who are familiar with our Legacy Drawing methods we've offered for over 30 years! Apex Software has always been known for its wide range of options that allow you to configure our products to best suit your preferences and workflow. ApexSketch v7 is no exception!
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:21
AnyTrans for iOS 7.0.4 (20190313) Multilingual macOS

AnyTrans for iOS 7.0.4 (20190313) | Multilingual | macOS | 101 mb

AnyTrans is the iPhone manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos, messages, books, Safari history, voice memo, etc.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:18
AKVIS LightShop 6.1.1648.17423 Multilingual

AKVIS LightShop 6.1.1648.17423 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 71/75 Mb

AKVIS LightShop offers advanced lighting techniques for adding stars and glow effects to images. People by their nature are attracted by things that shine, sparkle, glow and glitter. Light effects can brighten up any photo: make it look more natural (by adding reflections on shiny objects) or on the contrary - add a bit of magic and fantasy. Just a few clicks and the eyes of your loved one sparkle like diamonds; some simple manipulations and a moonlit road appears in night scenery.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:16
AKVIS HDRFactory 6.1.965.17429 Multilingual

AKVIS HDRFactory 6.1.965.17429 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 60/63 Mb

AKVIS HDRFactory is a versatile program for creating HDR images and making photo correction. High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique used to produce an image with high dynamic range. The software makes HDR photos by combining several images of the same object taken with different exposure values. The result is an expressive contrasting image that reflects reality with a higher level of authenticity than a simple snapshot.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:14
AKVIS Enhancer 16.1.2358.17431 Multilingual

AKVIS Enhancer 16.1.2358.17431 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 57/61 Mb

AKVIS Enhancer is image enhancement software that offers an individual approach to every part of the photo! The program offers a fast method to fix a dark picture, improve detail on an image, increase contrast and brightness, and adjust tones.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:11
AKVIS Draw 7.1.575.17438 Multilingual

AKVIS Draw 7.1.575.17438 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 130/134 Mb

AKVIS Draw lets you create hand drawn pencil sketches and line art pictures from your digital photos! The software is incredibly easy to use; it makes a realistic looking drawing effect in just one click! Load your image into the program and adjust settings to generate an artwork. The software creatively produces pencil strokes imitating an artist's view.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:09
AKVIS Decorator 6.1.752.17422 Multilingual

AKVIS Decorator 6.1.752.17422 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 78/82 Mb

Do you want to make with a click a car in snakeskin or a statue dressed in fine clothes? With AKVIS Decorator you can create things that were unimaginable even to Mother Nature. The software lets you change the surface of an object in a realistic manner. Select a part of an image - a dress on a girl, a car, a piece of furniture, etc, and apply new textures to it. The girl can have her dress painted in cheerful patterns, dotted or chequered, appear as if made of velvet or satin, or even of wood or candies.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:06
AKVIS Coloriage 11.5.1290.17434 Multilingual

AKVIS Coloriage 11.5.1290.17434 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 52/56 Mb

Breathe life into your black and white photos with AKVIS Coloriage! AKVIS presents the cutting edge technology of automatic photo colorizing that will change your ideas about image colorization forever!
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:04
AKVIS Charcoal 3.1.389.17418 Multilingual

AKVIS Charcoal 3.1.389.17418 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 135/139 Mb

AKVIS Charcoal is an artistic tool for conversion of photos into charcoal and chalk drawings. Charcoal is one of the most popular materials for drawing. It lets you create a preliminary sketch as well as a finished work of art. It combines the advantages of different materials and can be used together with different drawing tools. Using the sharpened charcoal you can make thin clear lines, but if you put it on the edge you'll get a wide loose stroke. Charcoal creates rich and easy picturesque strokes, both delicate and bold.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 04:01
AKVIS Chameleon 10.2.1999.17431 Multilingual

AKVIS Chameleon 10.2.1999.17431 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 68/72 Mb

AKVIS Chameleon is an efficient tool for photo collage creation. This ingenious software makes the process easy and entertaining. Earlier one had to thoroughly select an object before pasting it into a new background; with this software this tedious part of work drops out. You can concentrate on the creative part and forget about complicated selection techniques.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 03:59
AKVIS ArtWork 11.1.1987.17417 Multilingual

AKVIS ArtWork 11.1.1987.17417 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 153/157 Mb

AKVIS ArtWork is designed to imitate different painting techniques. The software helps you to create a piece of art out of any digital photo! AKVIS ArtWork is an ideal solution for your creative expression! Combining advanced technologies with an artistic approach, the program is represented as an impressive creative suite and a perfect virtual artist. The transformation of a picture into a painting happens before your very eyes - you can follow the birth of a work of art in real time!
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 03:57
AKVIS ArtSuite 16.0.3145.17808 Multilingual

AKVIS ArtSuite 16.0.3145.17808 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 138/142 Mb

AKVIS ArtSuite is an impressive collection of versatile effects for decorating photos. You may need it on many occasions: when creating a postcard for your friends, making a holiday album, a personalized desktop wallpaper, or just playing with your images "for art's sake". AKVIS ArtSuite offers several basic effects that allow creating an endless number of effect versions.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 03:55
AKVIS AliveColors 1.5.2042.17997 (x64) Beta Multilingual

AKVIS AliveColors 1.5.2042.17997 (x64) Beta Multilingual | 264.2 Mb

AliveColors is comprehensive graphics and photo editing software. This self-explanatory program is not only intended for professionals, but also for amateurs and beginners. Boost your creativity with AliveColors!
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 03:52
AKVIS AirBrush 6.1.691.17414 Multilingual

AKVIS AirBrush 6.1.691.17414 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 112/116.3 Mb

AKVIS AirBrush is photo to painting software that makes an airbrush drawing from a photo. Airbrushing is a painting technique based on the use of a special tool called an air brush or spraying gun. Since it's a touch free technique, it allows the painter to add light strokes, minor details, and blurry edges. The result is impressive and looks great, often reaching photographic quality and incredible realism.
Author: Mitsumi on 14-03-2019, 03:50
AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder

AbyssMedia Streaming Audio Recorder | 5.1 Mb

No doubt, streaming audio recording become very popular last years. Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy to use program that allows you to top up your music collection with unlimited free music. The recorder supports multiple streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Sirius Radio, Yahoo Music, SoundCloud and many others to record audio with just a single click. The recorder is 100% legal way to record your favorite tracks from music stations for free for personal use.